Netflix whoas

It’s disappointing to see Netflix in it’s current state.  The luster that it once was just isn’t there anymore.  Perhaps it’s because when I first got it the content was new, the movies seemed good.  Now, I’ve seen all the good movies, new ones trickle in, but they are merely B-Quality.  I left Blockbuster in favor of this glorious creation of instant entertainment.  I should clarify that, as I do I have the DVD service but I’m too lazy to put them back in the mail box (damn you Netflix, you’ve known that all along haven’t you).

I’m still hopeful for this young pioneer in the streaming business.  I don’t really have much of a choice for another service though.  Competition would be nice, it would also justify the latest pricing increase (well not latest but still).  On top of that I heard that the deal with HBO and Showtime got canceled.  But they tag a deal with Dreamworks however the shows won’t be coming until 2012 or 2013, something like that.  I can honestly say I’m not entirely happy with the Streaming side of things.

I should also clarify that I view streaming on my X Box 360, if that has any effect on my viewing experience.

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